Dr Tamara Stephens

Dr Stephens graduated from University of the Witwatersrand in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Medicine and Surgery. At the end of her internship (at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital) and Community Service (at Polokwane Provincial hospital) she left South Africa to gain further experience in the United Kingdom. Initially rotating through Accident and Emergency (AE) as a locum doctor, where she soon managed to secure a Critical Care post through the South West rotation at Southampton General Hospital (SGH) through the University of Southhampton, under the supervision of two world renown emergency physicians, Mr Michael Clancy and Dr Andy Eynon.

Mr M. Clancy was her mentor while completing her rotation in AE. An infamous ER consultant based at Southampton’s university hospitals that lead and developed emergency care in the United Kingdom following a prominent national appointment. Dr A. Eynon worked for the SGH Trust developing the neurosciences intensive care unit at SGH into a National leader for the care of patients with brain and spinal illnesses. He was the Director of neuro-intensive care through which she rotated for an 8 month period, gaining extensive knowledge on the first world management of traumatic brain injuries and concurrently developing an extreme passion for neuro-intensive care medicine. Dr Stephens completed her membership exams through the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in 2006, however failed to be eligible to write the fellowship exam at the end of her AE rotation due to changes in the UK’s NHS legislation implemented at a national level with regards to foreign ER registrars and their training visa’s.

So she was forced to return to SA in July 2008 where she joined Dr Tyrone Richards at Fourways Life Hospital Emergency Unit and was made a junior managing partner in year 2009. Dr Richards & Dr Stephens chose to separate from the existing partnership in 2013 and take on Life Flora Trauma unit, a P1 facility located in the West rand of Johannesburg.

They have chosen to run this unit in consistency with UK and USA based ER units, that being on an “ER research-protocol” driven basis, This empowers our nurses and junior doctors to initiate basic treatment on patients following the protocols we have drawn up allowing easy implementation of basic treatment without compromising patient quality of care until the doctor can attend to the patient. This approach was first initiated at Life Flora EC unit and has assisted with its patient growth over the years from a patient volume of about 800 to 2500 patients per month at present.

She has a great passion for teaching and high belief in the fact that the knowledge of doctors working in the private sector and the standard at which private health care facilities function need to be maintained at a level equivalent or superior to that of global academic institutions. She therefore has become highly involved in the academic side of emergency medicine, playing an integral part in furthering her knowledge and the teaching of others.

At present Dr Stephens sits on the council of Emergency medicine as the senior Diplomat representative for the council of Emergency medicine for the College of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) and has also had the honour of being elected as a Senate member for the CMSA from year 2016 - 2018. Her council responsibilities include being involved intricately with the examination process of the emergency medicine program here in SA, meeting with the academic heads of emergency Medicine at the Universities of the Witwatersrand, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Kwazulu Natal twice a year to discuss advancements in emergency medicine in South Africa. Other responsibilities include setting both the written and oral exams for the Diploma in Emergency Medicine, as well as overseeing the accreditation process of authorising hospitals who wish to be involved in the training of candidates for the Emergency Medicine Diploma exams. She has been reelected to sit a further 3 years as the diplomat representative from 2018-2020.

She has completed the following postgraduate courses: her Membership Exams through the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in year 2007 (MCEM (UK)) and the Diploma in Emergency Medicine Exam through the CMSA in 2009 (DipPEC (SA)); as well as all advanced life support courses including: Advanced Airway, Cardiac, Paediatric, Neonatal, Trauma, ECG and Cardiac Echo courses (AIMES / ACLS/ EP-ACLS / PALS/ ATLS/ Neonatal resus/ EGLS) and is currently completing her 60 documented EFAST assessments so that she can become an accredited ER Sonographer for EFAST. She became an Advanced Trauma Life Support Instructor in the UK in year 2008 while training in the UK on her registrar rotation and had the honour of being elected to teach the first ATLS course in Namibia in 2016 with the aim of spreading it’s trauma teachings across Africa in the years to come. She is currently in the process of writing up her research in partial fulfilment of a Masters degree in Masters in Emergency Medicine, through the University of the Witwatersrand (MscMed), and very recently she has been selected to be an Honorary Lecturer in the Department of Emergency Medicine, the School of Clinical Medicine and the University of the Witwatersrand.

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